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By Christina Porter

Christina Porter has been in the Accounting & Bookkeeping Business Since 1996, and founded Namaste’Resources in 2012

"The near death of my husband, his resulting & permanent brain injury, the constant and significant challenges of being a single mother of two small children, dealing with our family finances (with no clue where to start) and advocating for a severely disabled person, taught me the importance of having a sense of self, respect for both myself and others, and the right resources to transition to a healthy and sound new beginning.

Although our services are helpful to all, Namaste’ Bookkeeping & Resource Management, LLC was created with the intent to provide support to those facing a new beginning that feels like a hard ending."

Christina Porter

Founder of Namaste Resources


Is Namaste Resources Right For You?

Budgeting & Cash Flow Management 


Paperless Filing Systems

Be Done with the Chaos. Banking & Credit Card Reconcilliation, Tax Planning, Bill Tracking/Payment, and System Creation & Set-Up. 

We Provide Peace of Mind by De-Cluttering Your Finances. Streamline Payroll, Accounts Payable/Receivable, Paperless Filing, and Online Banking.

We Give You More Time in Your Day. Organization of Historical & Current Financial Data, Financial Statement Preparation, Insurance Management, and Clear & Accurate Reporting

Do you have background anxiety about your finances?

Do you need a cash flow strategy?

Do you have stacks of paper with financial or business management tasks piling up?

Do you not have the resources for a full-time CFO or Controller?